How to Have Fun at the Party Without Drinking

One of the beautiful things about sobriety is that you can always drive home after a night out. If you have your own car, drive yourself to the event you’re attending so that when you want to leave, you can do so without having to wait on anyone else. If you start to feel uncomfortable, you have the freedom to leave right away. You don’t necessarily need your own car to do this, but be sure to plan another option — whether that be a ride share service (like Uber or Lyft), a taxi or walking home. Make a plan in advance that you won’t have to wait around for anyone else. I had many different groups of friends and when I wanted to do something, I would go down the list and call each one until someone agreed to hang out with me.

how to be sober at a party

Keeping a schedule and coming prepared will help you relax as you know that you have everything thoughtfully planned out. All of a sudden, you’ve let the party get away from you, potentially affecting relationships with those sober friends you invited and seeking ways for guests to sober up at a sober party. It’s sometimes a good idea to remind yourself why you’re at a party and putting yourself in the situation of being around a lot of people drinking and getting messed up.

Explore Hobbies That Don’t Involve Drinking

This could even be used as a reason for why you are not drinking if people ask you about it. Not only does this give you greater control, but it also allows you to create a safer and healthier environment for everyone. When you’re at a party, avoiding any temptations surrounding alcohol. When you are used to a life full of alcohol, going to a party and not drinking may feel boring. This doesn’t have to be the case because it is possible to have a good time without alcohol.

Get chill and euphoric on 100% herbs with a shot of pure cocoa. You can buy this in any organic shop (and Amsterdam tourist shops) and share it with your dance mates. I felt some shame prior to choosing to go to that alt-rock concert.

Invite the Right People

Don’t let negative fear rule your decision-making, but know that the small voice in your gut is real, and if it’s saying “stay the fuck home,” then stay the fuck home. Even if you’ve been staying home for the past year and are more than a little sick of it, remind yourself that that’s worked for you so far. The day after you go to an event with alcohol you may well fall into self-pity mode. If they do, they can push you right over the edge into a relapse. Call or text your sponsor, double up on meetings, and read your literature. Be honest about any feelings that arose from being around the drinking and using scene.

  • After all, the focus of your party should be enjoying the big game, not seeing who can put down more beers.
  • You aren’t the only one looking for a good conversation.
  • Having friends around who would normally drink or use drugs can be triggering and may make you feel self-conscious about your party being “fun enough” for them without substances.
  • Its VERY easy to get into the ‘oh I will just have one mentality’ so ordering your AF drink early takes the battle out of your head.
  • Declare a pajama party or a spa day theme complete with manicures, massages, and other forms of self-care.

Jenn Champion shared a great story in Sober 21 about drinking from the same type of glass everyone else is using. “I was working as a bartender and this guy came in, I think he was on an internet date,” she wrote. “He came up to the bar and ordered a soda water with a lime—‘But will you put it in a rocks glass? He came in a few more times, and every time it was the same thing […] And he’d go back to his internet date and nurse the drink. He didn’t seem creepy or anything; he was just protecting his story,” Champion said.

Teen Drug Intervention — Most Honest Guide for Parents (

Not only will this strengthen your friend’s sobriety — it may even strengthen the relationship between you as well. If you have the space, sectioning off one room in your home as a “panic room” or “quiet room” can be Top 5 Tips to Consider When Choosing a Sober House for Living a welcomed reprieve for anyone who gets easily overwhelmed at gatherings. Simply place a sign on the door explaining that it’s a designated quiet space for anyone to use should they need to get away from the noise.

how to be sober at a party

You might even include noise-canceling headphones, a weighted blanket, or fidget toys to play with. Use fresh ingredients and cater to dietary restrictions., such as gluten intolerances. Some mocktail ideas include non-alcoholic sangria, virgin mojito, and a blushing Arnold Palmer. Here are the top ten best ways to throw a sober party. The FHE Health team is committed to providing accurate information that adheres to the highest standards of writing.

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